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Uplifting Your Creative Soul: a Conversation with Dave Ursillo

By Liz Eastwood Lehman

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Dave Ursillo about creativity, soul, and uplifting the spirit. I was delighted to do this as part of his Conversations in Purpose project. Here’s what you’ll find in our 24-minute audio chat: What keeps the creative channel open How Dave stopped himself from sliding into another depression Why you can be just as creative as… Continue reading

Should You Follow That Irrational Pull? Intuition Lessons from Real Life

By Liz Eastwood Lehman

She felt she had followed her head most of her life and was not pleased with where it had taken her. That’s what a nice woman told me when she wrote to say she was intrigued by the idea of a heart-centered life. I understood, as I’ve often learned head and heart lessons by trial and error. For example, I… Continue reading

Love for Spiritual Misfits

By Liz Eastwood Lehman

I opened my mouth and then closed it. I couldn’t find the words to answer my atheist friend. He had been standing in front of an office cubicle, telling me about a spiritual workshop leader who wasted his wife’s money and I had responded with, “Wait, your wife goes to spiritual workshops?” “She’s into that,” he said. “She sounds kind of… Continue reading

12 Quotes for Spiritual Misfits

By Liz Eastwood Lehman

Are you a spiritual misfit, like me? Does this sound like you? You don’t identify as having a specific religion, but you don’t fit in with atheists either. You are spiritual. It’s just that it’s a personal, unnamed “faith” born of your own experience. Your perception of the Mystery of Life is like a flower growing up out of soil fed by treasured… Continue reading